I think a lot of this started when I went on vacation to South Africa in the end of 2013. One evening, at the hostel where I stayed in Cape Town, I heard this wonderful music coming from upstairs. There was a guy there playing an instrument I’d never seen before, apparently it was something called an mbira. He was there to sell it to a girl staying at the hostel and I asked him if he had more of them. So a few days later, on Christmas Eve, I came back from a wine tour outside of Cape Town, met up with the guy and bought my very own mbira.

So this was where it started but there were another few projects to follow. The guy who made the mbira had put a pickup in it so obviously I needed an amplifier. I was looking for a small, battery powered amp and soon realized I could build one on my own. But for that I needed a UV exposure box to create the circuit board.

And then there’s the biltong, I ate a lot of it in South Africa and just had to build a biltong box on my own.

Then there are other DIY project, totally unrelated to the South Africa trip that I have added as well (but I’ve kept the picture of Cape Town, I don’t know what else to put there). So basically there are a few projects I’ve been working on and I though I could share it here just in case someone would be interested. :)